Mega Menu Builder

With our Mega Menu Build, you can create expandable vertical, horizontal, and sub-menus with ease and customize them further to your preference.

Build Mega Menu Using Elementor builder.

Using the header footer builder in Droit Elementor Addons, you can build any kind of mega menu inside the Elementor builder (i.e. without leaving Elementor’s interface).

Icon Support - Use Icons In Your Menu Items

While building the mega menu you can use icons along with texts as the menu items that will make your mega menus not only visually appealing but also more useful and clear for your visitors.

Horizontal & Vertical Mega Menu

You can build the most popular, commonly used vertical mega menus where menu items unfold under the main menus. Additionally you can build horizontal mega menus where menu items unfold sideways.

Full Customization of Menu Items

Using the header footer builder you get ultimate controls of your menu items. You can customize anything there – texts, fonts, links, colors, font size, icons, icon types, icon colors and all.

Use the items as Sub-menu

A very interesting and advanced feature is that you can build a mega menu and use it as a sub-menu of the main level menu. How cool is that!

Design Menu-bar with endless styling choices

If you need multiple menus or just want to play with a few options to decide a final menu, you might want to create a number of header/footer templates. Using the header footer builder you can build as many templates as you need!